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MaffsGuru has moved home

I am hoping the move has been completed without glitch! If you feel it has, please let me know by emailing guru@maffsguru.com with the problem and I'll do what I can to fix it.

Maffsguru is moving to a new home

Over the next couple of days MaffsGuru will be moving to a new home. Whilst I am hoping this will not affect anything (and I'm working hard to ensure it doesn't) ... there might be service outages and things might not work (quite) the way I have planned. Rest assured I'm working to make the site faster with more features coming soon. I am planning on moving things over the weekend. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Viewing experience fixed

I have noticed that some of the functions I designed didn't quite work to plan! So, I've spent some time updating the interface to make sure that you can actually do what you think you want to do.

Sorry ...

To help me pay for the server costs and hosting for these videos I've had to make some of the content only available for subscribers. The good news is, that for a limited time, I've cut the cost of a yearly subscription to less than the price of 4 coffees. If you can take out a subscription I would be deeply grateful. More content is being added all the time and I do all I can to make the content as interesting and helpful as possible to teachers and students alike.

Site wide redesign

This has been a work in progress for what seems like forever. I was told that the site needed to be cleaner to navigate and so I listened. Hopefully the options are easier to find and less clutter.

All videos are now free for a few months

In light of the problems we all seem to be facing, I have made the videos free for all to use at this time. I hope this helps as many people as possible.

Exam solutions to national exams added

Exam solutions are really important for learning. You can now view worked solutions for an ever growing number of exams. You can take a look by clicking the link: exams

New videos added to the Further Maths Course

New videos have been uploaded to the Year 12 Further Mathematics course.

Exam videos load in site

I am uploading more exam question solutions linked to each video. These used to open in a new window via YouTube. They now load in site to make the experience more fluid.

Videos are loading again!

After a break to have a baby, I'm going to start uploading videos again. For the next week I will be uploading videos for the Year 7 course on Algebra. Then I'll add videos for all year levels and subjects! I hope you enjoy the new content.

Free access to my students

I know that some of the videos need you to have a paid subscription to view them (which helps me keep creating the videos), but I have decided that if you're a current student of mine, you will get free access. Register with your school email and, when it's confirmed as current, you'll get access to all videos. You're welcome!

Timecodes are now being added to videos

If you don't want to watch the whole video, but just a section, then we are in the process of adding timecodes to the video. These will be shown below each video. We have also fixed a small error where the videos weren't auto playing.

Search functionality has been added

Clicking the new "Search" button found in the navigation bar will allow you to search any of the videos which are loaded onto MaffsGuru.com. You can select more than one word across different videos and any which match, will be shown.

We've launched the new site

I hope you like the new look and feel for the site. We have been testing it for a while but there might still be some small problems. Small updates will take place ... but I think this is a much nicer site!

New Website Design

We have been working hard at improving the look and feel of the website and hope you like it. Behind the scenes, the site is faster and more dynamic - which isn't at all descriptive of me at the moment!
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