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If I could, I would give the content to everyone for free. It was always my hope and dream to be able to do this. I hate the idea of charging for education. Sadly, I have to pay for servers and equipment.

To be able to keep recording, I need to ask you for a very small contribution. For just $20 per year, I can keep adding content to this site.

The more people who support me, the lower the charges will become. I just want to cover the costs of creating the content.

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I promise to deliver the very highest quality learning tools I can, in exchange for your support. Such that, hopefully, one day, I can make all these videos free of charge.

Just $20 for one year!

That's less than the cost of 4 coffees.

Your $20 helps me to pay for server costs and to keep my equipment operational. It's not making me rich or famous.

For this price I will promise:
Free access to the whole site for 1 year
Be able to watch all videos from Year 6 to Year 12
Download lesson notes for the videos
Watch exam solutions
Much more coming soon ...
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