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Another video in the Year 9 series looking at algebra. This one seems a little left field as it seems to spend a lot of the first part of the video showing you how to colour in! But ... there is a method in the madness of opened and closed circles and crocodiles. Looking at what inequalities means helps me move onto the use of them in Algebra. I spend time looking at equations which involve inequalities and how to use the "special rule" when multiplying and dividing by a negative number. Lots of worked examples and all explained with my unique outlook on Maths and life. 0:00 Introduction 1:33 Learning objectives 1:35 Recap of past learning 2:09 Number lines and a range of values 3:48 Examples using number line 6:02 Open and closed circles 6:54 Open and closed circles example 8:27 Other questions 9:46 The most important rule for inequalities 10:36 Solving inequalities examples 15:09 Summary
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