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This video looks at collecting and using data. It takes a trip down memory lane and recaps the language which we need to use when collecting and using data. Population. Sample. Numerical Data. Categorical Data. Discrete. Continuous. It also goes on to explain that Categorical data can be split into Nominal and Ordinal Data. All this and examples too! Could Maths get any more exciting than this!!!

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This video looks at how and why we find the standard deviation of a set of numbers. We know that the IQR and Range are taken as measures of centre around the median. The standard deviation is a measure of centre around the mean. A number of worked examples are covered using both scientific calculators and CAS. It fully explains the formula and how we can use it to find the standard deviation. There is also a mention of the dreaded exams which happen at the end of school and how the standard deviation is used! This video is one of my favourites.
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These are the videos which are available in each chapter. You will notice that some are free and some are for subscribers only. Making and hosting these videos costs a little bit of money. To help pay for the hosting fees I have no choice but to hide some of the videos and make them for subscribers only.