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This video looks at the mathematical techniques of estimating and rounding to get to approximate answers.

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Is it BIDMAS or BODMAS or something else?! Well, join me on an exploration of not only which is the correct way ... but how to use it! This video takes a look at how to use the order of operations to solve problems with, and without, the use of a calculator. We look at how Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Division, and Subtraction are used to solve problems. We look at how to use a simple four-function calculator and a CAS calculator to solve problems and how they come up with different answers. There are a number of worked examples and a chilled explanation on how to use both BIDMAS and BODMAS.
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These are the videos which are available in each chapter. You will notice that some are free and some are for subscribers only. Making and hosting these videos costs a little bit of money. To help pay for the hosting fees I have no choice but to hide some of the videos and make them for subscribers only.