About me
I believe!
I believe that education is the best gift we can give anyone. I came into teaching by way of a kid called Scott. He showed me, with some pretty brutal honesty, for the just the briefest of times, that I could make a difference to someone - kids - who, like me, didn't understand Maths. Who thought it was a foreign language.
Knowing what it's like to feel stupid in the classroom, I vowed to ensure that no student I taught or had access to, would ever, ever feel that they couldn't do Maths. I would make Maths funny. I would make it engaging. I would make it real life. I would make it, most of all, simpler than people think.
I love doing this. I love being humourous and a little wacky. I love making it real life. I do all I can to get students (and their parents) to feel that they can do Maths. To feel they can achieve. To know that they aren't stupid.
I have a small YouTube channel and I would love to make it a little bigger, upload a lot more videos. I would love to give to the students out there who want to do well. Who want to be inspired and who want to achieve.
When people ask me what I do for a living, I hate saying, "I'm a teacher". They will always reply, "Oh. Of what". I try the throw away "Kids" ... but later have to come back and say "Maths". 99.97% of people then say, "Oh. I couldn't do Maths at school" and then walk away from me.
Let's change that to them saying, "Oh ... I loved Maths at school"
There is nothing worse than watching bat-shit boring tutorials. Have you watched some of the stuff on YouTube? It's like watching paint dry! By the end of some of the videos, I'm ready to delete the internet.
I've been described over and over again as one of the most engaging teachers people have every seen. OK. I love theatre and performing and so can turn most Maths into an amusing story! Stories are life and what better way to learn maths than through stories.
Backed by world leading educational publisher.
I am delighted to be working with Cambridge University Press who have kindly given me permission to use all their worked examples in my videos. Cambridge are known to be a world leader in providing quality educational resources and their books and examples are outstanding. I am deeply grateful to be trusted with their brand.
Videos of me talking about my educational experiences
I often ask myself why I recorded these videos ... and I often think I should delete them ... but they are what made me the teacher I am today. Good or bad ... they are experiences of my teaching days (early!) which I will never forget. I hope you enjoy them!
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Why did I become a teacher

I hated school. All of school. With a passion.

One of the things which I hated more than anything was Maths. Why? Because of the way it was taught.

It seems odd that I am now a Head of Mathematics (here in Australia) with a small (but growing) YouTube channel who came into teaching with a very real experience of what it's like to feel like school was an alien environment. To feel a failure. To feel that maths was too hard.

Watch this video to hear my heartwarming story!

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The day I thought I was going to be arrested at work!

This video came after a question was posed to me! I was asked what the most memorable day was in teaching ... and it had to be the first day in my first school with my first class. Something happened which, to be honest, I was in shock about for days to come.

If you have any questions you wish me to answer, then please leave me a comment below! I'll do what I can to be honest and humourous!

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This is a birthday present I definitely didn't want to see!

This video is absolutely true and tells of the day in my second year of teaching when I was shown a birthday present a boy in my class got. What would you do in the situation where on being told it was a 15-year-old students birthday in your class ... he promptly decided to .... actually ... watch the video ... but I can honestly say ... I WAS NOT EXPECTING WHAT HE SHOWED ME.

Just me
About MaffsGuru
Having been a Head of too many Mathematics departments, I've decided to take a break and spend time with my daughter and be a "regular" teacher at an independent school in Victoria.
Other aspects of my life include being a presenter for Cambridge University Press as well as having presented for Edrolo (General Maths, Further Maths and Mathematical Methods).
My other achievements:
  • Father to Bailey-Grace.
  • Taught 27 years.
  • Travelled around the world.
  • British and Australian.
  • Too old for too many things now.
  • Had an Olympic coach for figure skating.