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You want free stuff? Lots of the content is free. All you need to do is sign up and you get access to free content!
Every chapter has free content.
There are also free exams for you to view; both solutions and interactive exams.
Videos from Year 6 to Year 12
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VCE General Maths
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It doesn't matter what you level you are in, I have something to help. With each passing week, more and more content is being added to help you smash maths.
You want Maths to be ...
I hated Maths at school and was always sick when there was Double Maths! I know what it's like to struggle and so I show you that Maths is all smoke and mirrors. I promise that Maths will make a lot more sense if you watch my videos.
Easy to understand
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VCE Summary Notes
Don't you just hate making sumamry notes?! Well, now you don't have to. You can download an already complete summary book and supplement it with your own notes. Don't recreate the wheel ... make it better!
Downloadable Lesson Notes
Want to create your own summary book? Well, each of my video also has it’s own downloadable lesson notes in PDF format. Everything I write, you get to download and annotate.
Online VCAA Exam System
The best practice is Exam Questions. So, here are the VCAA Exams in an online format. Answer the questions, and get immediate feedback. The correct answer will be shown, as well as feedback from examiners reports and worked solutions. There are also links to the videos to help you revise content. And it's all in one perfectly desgined system.
Student Dashboard
This is something new and is being built to let you keep track of what you have watched. View exam scores and track your progress. Teachers can also set you homework and viewing tasks so you can keep on top of the work you are being asked to complete.
Lots of worked examples
The more examples you see, the better you become at making links with questions you don't see. So, I do lots of them. And I'm really lucky to be able to use the ones from the Cambridge Textbooks. Making MaffsGuru the best teacher and textbook resource on the internet!