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Low cost but not low quality
I'm here to help students and teachers.
I make high quality videos and resources in the hope students use them and do well. I want to support teachers with their own development.
Unlike other online companies, I am not here to take as much money from your budgets as I can. I'm here doing something I love and hope has value.
$15 per student (for 201 or more students otherwise $15) is hopefully affordable.
Videos from Year 6 to Year 12
Year 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
VCE General Maths
VCE Mathematical Methods
VCE Specialist Maths
It doesn't matter what you level you are teaching, I have something to help students. With each passing week, more and more content is being added to support student learning.
Teacher Dashboard
Assign your students to a class and then track their progress. See how much of each video they have watched. Assign them videos to watch for homework and see if they have completed it. Monitor their progress wheen they are working through the Online VCAA exams.
Online VCAA Exam System
The best practice is Exam Questions.
So, here are the VCAA Exams in an online format.
Students can answer the questions, and get immediate feedback. The correct answer will be shown and recorded for you to see. Feedback from the relevant examiners reports will be shown and worked solutions. There are also links to the related video to help students revise content. All in one perfectly desgined system.
VCE Summary Notes
Don't you just hate making sumamry notes for the students?! Well, now you don't have to. Students can download an already "complete" summary book and supplement it with any notes they (or you) decide. Don't recreate the wheel ... make it better!
Downloadable Lesson Notes
If you want students to create their own summary books, each of my videos also has it’s own downloadable lesson notes in PDF format. Everything I write, they can download and annotate.
Lots of worked examples
Students like to see lots of worked examples. The more they see, the better they become at making links with other questions. So, I do lots of worked examples in each video (and VCAA exam questions too!). I'm really lucky to be able to use the worked examples from the Cambridge University Press Textbooks.
I believe this really does make MaffsGuru the best teacher and textbook resource on the internet!
Maths doesn't have to be hard or boring
I hated Maths at school and was always sick when there was Double Maths! I know what it's like to struggle and so I make sure that each of my videos shows the students that Maths is all smoke and mirrors. I use humour and stories to make the videos enjoyable. I make sure I cover all the concepts in an easy to understand way. I promise to do all I can to make Maths make a lot more sense to everyone who watches my videos.
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