Angles at a point
Lines, shapes and solids
Essential Mathematics Year 8
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Why do they make Maths so hard? I blame Barry! He sits in an office and makes up lots of terms in Maths which all mean the same thing. The good news is ... I have the ability to channel Barry and undo all his craziness by making Maths more interesting! In this video, we look at the language used in Maths to talk about angles. For example, supplementary, complementary, reflex, revolution, acute, obtuse and so much more. Once we have looked at the language I look at lots of examples to explain how to use them. I even use some algebra! And to make things even more complete we look at how to use Bearings and Compasses. I think I even talk about how it should be Weetabix and not Weetbix! So much fun in so little time.

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