Modelling and analysing reducing-balance loans and investments
Further Mathematics: Units 3 and 4
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  Recap of past learning
  What is an annuity
  Recurrence relation for an annuity
  What about the CAS?
  Amorisation tables for annuities
  Can the CAS handle annuities?
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This video is another in the Further Maths series on Financial Mathematics! This time I am looking at annuities. I look at what an annuity is and how we can use recurrence relations and the CAS to help us calculate how long an annuity will last for. The great thing is that lots of us will use them in our lifetimes. We might save up for a trip around the world and use the money to finance ourselves, or something as simple as a Pension (or Super). This video is supported with lots of examples and a great section on Amortization Tables.
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