Congruent Triangles
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Congruence means: The same size and shape
  Correspong sides and congruence notation
  The 4 tests for Congruence
  Congruence: Side, Side, Side (SSS)
  Congruence: Side, Angle, Side (SAS)
  Congruence: Angle, Angle, Side (AAS)
  Congruence: Right Angle, Hypotenuse, Side (RHS)
  Example 1: Choosing a congruence test
  Example 2: Choosing a congruence test
  Example 3: Choosing a congruence test
  Example 4: Choosing a congruence test
  Example 5: Finding the missing side lengths and angles using congreunce
  Example 6: Finding missing side lengths and angles using congruence
  Final words

This is another video in the Year 9 series looking at Geometry. And what a video it is! Congruent triangles seems to be something which confuses a lot of people. Well, don't be confused any more. This video looks at what congruence is and how to use the 4 congruence rules; SSS, SAS, AAS and RHS. There are lots of worked examples which are used to frame the easy to understand theory.
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