Continuous random variables
Continuous random variables and their probability distributions
Mathematical Methods: Units 3 and 4
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This video takes a look continuous random variables with a view to teaching it in the easiest way possible. We start by looking at the difference between a discrete random variable and a continuous random variable. We look at how the accuracy of a measurement can dictate the size of a continuous random variable and then look at why the probability of one specific event with continuous random variables is equal to zero (which still doesn't make a lot of sense!). I then show you how to use integration (calculus) to find the values of probabilities between two points including an unbounded domain. Finally, hybrid functions and the CAS calculator is used to demonstrate how technology can be used to help solve these questions. This topic is really rather important to the learning which will take place over the next few lessons. So, grab a cuppa and sit back whilst I try and show the excitement which is continuous random variables (made easy!).
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