Differentiation with a negative power
Differentiation and antidifferentiation of polynomials
Mathematical Methods: Units 1 and 2
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Negative powers: What are they?
  The derivative of x to the power of negative n
  Refining our previous rule for differentiation
  Example: Finding the derivative
  Example: Finding the gradient of a tangent at a point
  Example: Show that question
  Final comments

This video is the next in the series relating to differentiation for the Year 11 Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2 course. Having taken some time to look at how to differentiate from first principles and then how to differentiate a positive power, it makes sense to look at how to differentiate functions with negative powers. I look at what it means to be a negative power and then use differentiation from first principles to show that the "short cut" used for positive powers also works for negative powers! How awesome!!! There are a number of examples which mix the learning from this video with those which have gone before. I use humour and no fuss teaching to make sure that you understand how to smash this section of the course.
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