Equivalent fractions
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Essential Mathematics Year 8
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  Learning objectives
  What is an equivalent fraction?
  Cutting it once
  Cut into 4 pieces
  Cut into 8 pieces
  Moving away from pizza
  Cancelling down
  Another way of cancelling down
  Going the other way
  Final words
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This video is going to make you hungry as all I talk about it pizza .. and fractions! Starting with the idea of pizza, I look at what equivalent fractions are. I then look at how we can simplify fractions (to get it to the simplest form) and how we can reverse the process to make lots and lots of equivalent fractions. There are a number of worked examples and I make sure to explain the theory in a way you will understand. And, we will ignore the fact that Aussies seem to put an egg on top of one of your pizzas!

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