Expected value (mean), variance and standard deviation
Discrete random variables and their probability distributions
Mathematical Methods: Units 3 and 4
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You are probably wondering why there is a cow as part of the opening graphic. Well, that's Moo ... or, as I like to call him, Mu. Mu is another name for the mean. As is the name Expected value. So, as normal, the whole of Mathematics is made up of multiple words which all mean the same thing. Sigh. This video takes a look at the measures of centre and spread with a view to the VCE syllabus (and other curricular around the world). We look at what expectation is (mean) and how we can calculate it for a discrete random variable. We then move on to look at what it means to work out the variance and hence the standard deviation. We finish by taking a look at some of the standard notation and lots of worked ecamples. There is a lot to cover in this video so why not load it up, take a cup of tea (or coffee) and get viewing.
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