Exploring and travelling
Graphs, networks and trees: travelling and connecting problems
General Maths Units 3 and 4 (2023+)
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Why do we draw graphs?
  Going for a walk
  Following a trail
  Don't stray far from the path
  Doing the dinner party circuit
  Going for a ride on my cycle
  Back to Euler again
  Eulerian trials and circuits
  Who is Hamilton?
  Sir William Rowan Hamilton
  Hamiltonian paths and cycles
  Example 1
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This videos looks at everything you need to know about walks, trails, cycles, circuits, paths and so much more. We look at Eulerian Circuits and Eulerian Paths and to make things even more exciting I look at Hamiltonian Circuits and Hamiltonian Cycles. The video has a number of examples which show how to use all the various terms to describe a walk through the country!
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