Graphing logarithmic functions
Exponential and logarithmic functions
Mathematical Methods: Units 3 and 4
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This video continues looking at exponentials and logs. If you want to know how to sketch logarithms then look no further! I start by recapping the work we have been doing on exponentials and then take a look at how logarithms are the inverse of exponentials. Having understood the relationship between the two I look at how we can use Base Graphs to help us transform all logarithms. Dilations, reflections, and translations form the next part of the video where I look at how we can apply transformations to each of the log graphs I look at. Sketching functions is awesome and I loved doing this video. I finally look at how to turn one exponential into another using a little bit of algebra and some dilation theory. I love, love, love this video. So much energy! I hope you enjoy it too.

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