Introduction to vectors
Specialist Maths Units 3 and 4 2023+
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  What is a vector?
  Directed line segments
  Column Vectors
  Vector notation
  The size or magnitude of a vector
  Adding vectors (using a diagram)
  Adding vectors (using column vectors)
  Affecting the length of vectors using multiplication
  A line segment with no length?
  We can subtract vectors
  Example 1
  Polygon of vectors
  Parallel vectors
  Position vectors
  Three dimensional vectors
  Common sense rules
  Linear dependence and independence
  Important information
  Example: Linear dependence
  Example: Linear independence
  VCAA Question 1
  VCAA Question 2
  VCAA Question 3

This is the first video in this series of videos relating to Vectors - a part of the Year 12 Specialist Mathematics course. Understanding what a vector is will be vital to the rest of the course. Being specialist Mathematics we cover the basics and then get into the really interesting parts of the course such as linear dependence and independence. I cover the basics showing worked examples before finishing with some of the more "interesting" VCAA questions.
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