Leslie Matrices
Transition matrices and Leslie matrices
General Maths Units 3 and 4 (2023+)
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Births, deaths and marriages
  Birth rates and survival rates
  Showing birth and survival rates pictorially
  Pictures into matrices: Life-cycle transition diagram
  Population and initial population state matrix
  Example of using a Leslie Matrix
  Finding the population matrix Sn after n time periods
  Example 2
  Example 3
  Long term behaviour of population numbers
  Example 4
  Example 5
  Final words

This is the final video looking and transition matrices and Leslie Matrices which forms part of the Year 12 VCE General Maths course at Units 3 and 4. This is brand new content to the VCE General Maths course (2023) and I have made an attempt to try and explain it around the Cambridge VCE Textbook. There are lots of worked examples to scaffold understanding of this new content.
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