Response and explanatory variables
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My daugther is growing
One variable is responding to the other!
Explanatory on the X axis and Response on the Y axis
Identifying which is which from an example
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Another example
Response and explanatory variables
Investigating relationships between two numerical variables
Year 11
This is the next video in this series for the General Maths Units 1 and 2 course. And what an awesome video I have for you. I take a look at how numerical variables can be related to each other and how you know which to plot on the x-axis and which to plot on the y-axis. Welcome to the world of response and explanatory variables. It's a really short video but rather important as, without it, you could make some very horrible mistakes. I use a number of worked examples and take the time to explain how to do them in my own unique way! Lots of humour whilst removing the smoke and mirrors.
Published: May 14, 2021
Length: 10 mins and 18 seconds
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