The addition rule
Essential Mathematics Year 10
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If you think I'm about to teach you to count, I can promise you that I'm well past doing that with this video. This Addition Rule deals very much with what to do with Year 10 probability. And who isn't excited by a little bit of addition rule! I open with a recap of the work we have done with Venn Diagrams and how they can use used to find numbers and probabilities. I then take a look at how we might have lied to you in Year 7 ... or at least bent the truth a bit with the questions we have given you. Remember: When we see the word AND we times and OR we add? Well, I tell you why that isn't actually true. I show you how the Addition Rule comes to be and what happens to it when we have Mutually Exclusive Data. A number of examples are then looked at and I end the video with a 40-second recap of all the work. Phew! I'm exhausted just typing this ... much less watching the video. Thanks for taking the time in reading this and watching the video!

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