Using matrices for transformations
Mathematical Methods: Units 3 and 4
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This is possibly the longest video I have ever recorded! But it's probably needed as there is a lot which needs to be covered to make sure we understand not only the theory but how to apply it to the many different types of questions which can be asked with matrices and transformations. I start by looking at how we have been used to seeing transformations and then look at how we can express these same transformations with matrices. Before getting too excited, I take a look at how to multiply matrices together. This allows me to speed through the rest of the content (LOL). The video moves on to look create each of the matrices which define the transformations. I take a short time to look at how to create two of the six and leave the rest up to the reader. I finally look at how to apply the theory to a number of "standard questions" before moving on to showing how the theory can be used to answer past exam questions from VCAA Methods exams. The two exams used are 2016 and 2017. I hope the video is useful!
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