Linear relations
Finding an equation of a line
Graphing straight lines
Reviewing algebra
Simultaneous equations – elimination
Length and midpoint of a line segment
Simultaneous equations – substitution
Solving linear equations
Perpendicular and parallel lines
Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
Multiplying and dividing algebraic fractions
Similar figures
Proving similar triangles
Applications in two dimensions
Trigonometric ratios
Area of a triangle
Surface area of pyramids and cones (10A)
Volume of prisms and cylinders
Surface area of prisms and cylinders
Surface area and volume of spheres (10A)
Review of length
Volume of pyramids and cones (10A)
Quadratic equations
Expanding expressions
Factorising expressions
Factorising by completing the square
Solving quadratic equations using the T-Method or Cross Method
Quadratic equations, Discriminant and Number of solutions
Solving quadratic equations by completing the square
Parabolas and other graphs
Sketching by completing the square
Sketching parabolas using factorisation
Intersection of lines and parabolas
Standard deviation (10A)
Collecting and using data
Unions and intersections
Using tree diagrams
The addition rule
Conditional probability
Indices and surds
Irrational numbers and surds
Review of index laws
Multiplying and dividing surds
Rationalising the denominator (10A)
Adding and subtracting surds
Binomial products