Approximations decimal places and significant figures
Measurement, scale and similarity
General Maths Units 1 and 2 (2023+)
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Rounding to a number of decimal places
  The rule for rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand etc
  The rule for rounding decimal numbers
  Lots of examples
  Rounding to significant figures
  Example: Rounding to significant figures
  More examples
  Scientific notation
  Converting into scientific notation (numbers bigger than 1)
  Converting into scientific notation (numbers smaller than 1)
  Converting from scientific notation (positive powers)
  Converting from scientific notation (negative powers)
  Final words

This is the first video in the measurement, scale and similarity section of the Year 11 General Maths (Units 1 and 2 ) course for VCE. Part of a much larger section of work, this video looks to introduce and teach you the very important concepts behind rounding to decimal places, rounding to significant figures and how to use scientific notation to write really large or small numbers in a simpler form. I used humour and plain speaking to ensure that everyone who watches the videos understands the work.
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