Measurement, scale and similarity
General Maths Units 1 and 2 (2023+)
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Finding the space inside a shape
  Volume and capacity
  What is a prism?
  Example of prisms
  Finding the volume of a prism
  Common shapes and their volumes
  Example 1
  Example 2
  Example 3
  Example: Finding the capacity
  Ice cream should come in tubs not cones!
  Example 4
  The correct shape of a football!
  Example 5: Finding the volume of a sphere
  Final words

This video is another in the measurement and similarity module for the Year 11 General Mathematics course (units 1 and 2). Volume is a fun subject! How many celebrations are there in a tin? How much water is in a swimming pool? These questions and many more go unanswered in this video! But I do show you how to find the volume of prisms in an interesting and easy to understand way! There are lots of worked examples and easy to understand theory. I even cover the ideas of capacity for liquid (which is pretty much the same as volume!)
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