Areas of basic shapes
Measurement and introduction to Pythagoras' theorem
Essential Mathematics Year 8
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  Learning objectives
  What is an area?
  Area of a square
  Area of a quadrilateral
  Area of a triangle
  Area of a parallelogram
  Composite shapes
  What is a composite shape?
  Finding areas of a composite shape
  Example 1
  Example 2
  Example 3
  Example 4
  Converting units of area
  Example 5
  Example 6
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Have you ever wondered what the area of a basic shape is? Probably not! But this video is going to fill your head with even more information about Mathematics delivered in my own unique style. Looking at what area is and the areas of basic shapes I show you a way to never get the areas wrong. I even use hand signals! There are lots of worked examples and the video uses a lot of humour. You will definitely learn something new!

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