Expanding binomial products
Algebraic techniques
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  What is a binomial product?
  Back to junior school
  Another way of doing it?
  Extending this idea to use letters
  FOIL (First, inside, outside, last)
  Recap: Like terms
  More Examples
  Maths is a big fat trick!
  Doing it backwards
  Example: Doing it backwards
  Example 2: Doing it backwards
  Final words

This is the first video in a series looking at algebraic techniques which forms a part of the Year 9 Mathematics course. Looking at expanding binomial products, this is the start of building knowledge and skills to help us factorise quadratics (trinomials). I look at how we can expand brackets and use a number of examples to complement the easy to understand theory.
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