Factorising the difference of perfect squares
Algebraic techniques
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Factorising DOPS
  Examples: Factorising DOPS expressions
  More examples
  We might need to factorise and then factorise again
  Other tricks
  More complex example of DOPS
  Another example
  RECAP: Why we are doing this!
  Final words

This is the next video in the Algebraic Techniques section of the Year 9 Mathematics course. Having looked at how to expand binomial products which gave Difference of Perfect Squares (DOPS) results, we now look at how we can factorise DOPS. We look at a lot of examples of how to factorise using DOPS including some quite challenging questions. The examples are all framed by easy to understand explanations. There is even some humour!
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