Probability review
Probability and statistics
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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Lesson notes


   Learning objectives
   Recap of past learning
   The language of probability: Random experiment
   The language of probability: Sample space
   The language of probability: Event
   Finding the probability an event happens
   Numbers a probability can take
   More language
   The complement
   Example 1
   Example 2
   Final words

This video has been created as part of the Probability section for the Year 9 course. I review the work which will have been covered in previous years. We look at what probability is. What it means to be a random experiment and the rest of the language which might be used in probability. I look at sample spaces and how these can be helped to find the probabilities of gaining certain events. There are a number of worked example and they are all explained in wonderful and engaging ways. This video follows the Cambridge Essentials series of textbooks with permission.
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