Using Set Notation
Probability and statistics
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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   Learning objectives
   Recap of past learning
   Probability: Sample Space
   Probability: Subset
   Probability: Contained within
   Probability: Complement and element of
   Probability: An empty set
  Probability: Cardinal number
   Probability: Intersection
   Probability: Union
   Example 1
   Example 2
   Final words

This is another video in the series looking at Probability for the Year 9 course. Barry has outdone himself with the notation we can use in Probability and this video seeks to break down all the confusion and have you using Set Notation like a Mathematical genius! I explain what intersection, union, element of, empty set, subsets and contained within mean with lots of examples. The lesson is aligned with the Cambridge series of textbooks and, with permission, I use their examples to explain how to master the concepts. This lesson is delivered with my own unique style of humour.
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