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Transformation and congruence
Year 8
As Kylie Minogue said it so well ... "I'm spinning around" ... which describes the video perfectly. It's dealing with Rotation! This video continues the series I have been working on relating to Transformations of simple shapes. I have already dealt with Reflections and Translations. This video looks at how to rotate simple shapes. I look at a number of examples of what is required to be able to rotate. I show how to use a simple piece of paper to rotate something before moving onto other more complex shapes. A trip through Rotational Symmetry and we head into the wonderful world of GeoGebra. It's a great piece of software and can be found here: So much fun was had in making this video. I hope you enjoy it!
Published: Nov. 19, 2018
Length: 22 mins and 14 seconds
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rotational symmetry rotational motion year 8 maths grade 8 maths translations reflections and rotations rotational symmetry geometry rotational symmetry for kids how do I rotate a shape centre of rotation direction of rotation angle of rotation geogebra geometry tutorial geogebra geometry practical maths kylie minogue spinning around

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