Solving Linear Equations
Linear and simultaneous equations
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  What is a linear equation?
  Solving Linear Equations: Use back tracking
  Example 1
  Example 2
  Example 3
  Example 4
  Example 5
  Dealing with fractions
  Example 6
  Example 7
  Example 8
  Dealing with negative coefficients
  Final words

This video, which forms part of the Year 9 Linear and Simultaneous equations part of the course, looks at how we can solve linear equations. I look at how we can use unpacking to find the values of missing letters (pronumerals). There are lots of worked examples where I look at how to unpack (or reverse) the steps needed to find the value of the given letter. I look at examples with negative coefficients and lots of examples with fractions (as I know these can trick lots of people). The theory is explained in an easy to understand way and is mapped against the Cambridge Series of textbooks.
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