Standardisation and the 68–95–99.7% rule
The normal distribution
Mathematical Methods: Units 3 and 4
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I think I might have taken a bit of a liberty ... or creative license here with calling the 68-95-99.7% rule the MaffsGuru rule, but please bear with me! Saying 68-95-99.7% Rule is rather long winded don't you think! So ... It's time for a change. This video takes a look at how to use the Normal Curve to standardise scores. Yes! It's time we look at what Z-Scores are and how we can use them to compare data. The video looks at where the Z Score formula comes from and how to use it to Standardise Scores. It uses examples of test scores in a school and shows how to use the Z Scores to compare to see who was doing better. There are great exam tips in the video too - like ensuring that you always draw a normal distribution when answering questions. As is normal, there is also a smattering of bad puns and cheesy jokes to keep the lesson going. There are also a number of worked examples to show how all the theory ties together.
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