Defining circular functions: sine and cosine
Circular functions
Mathematical Methods: Units 1 and 2
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One of the most hated subject in Mathematics seems to be the Unit Circle. It seems that once student shave been taught it, they equate this to something close to worshipping the devil. They try and avoid it at all costs!!!! This video is here to make the topic as easy as it can be! And I have to admit to really loving teaching the unit circle. It starts by recapping the work on degrees and radians. This is good! Normally at this point, teachers would then dive straight into the Unit Circle. I don't. I take a look at Sine and Cosine Curves. Using the CAS I sketch the curves and then take the time to explain how this can be mapped onto this thing called the Unit Circle (which ... to be honest ... is nothing more than a circle with a radius of one unit!). Once we understand how the Unit Circle is created, I do a number of examples of how to use it with reference back to the Sine and Cosine curves. I guarantee that, when you watch this video, you will understand the sine and cosine curves with relation to the Unit Circle. If you don't understand ... this video comes with a money back guarantee. Which is awesome ... as the video is free!
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