Symmetry properties of circular functions
Circular functions
Mathematical Methods: Units 1 and 2
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I love everything to do with the Unit Circle and this has to be my favourite lesson of all time. The beauty of the symmetry properties of circular functions never fails to impress me. In this video sit back and enjoy as I take you on a journey of learning and discovery about the unit circle. Looking at the construction of the Unit Circle and how we can relate angles to the length of horizontal and vertical lines doesn't sound very easy, but I take time to explain the concepts in an easy to understand way. I look at all the identities which are created from the Unit Circle and then explain how they can be used with the ASTC notation to help you find the size of any angle between 90 and 360 degrees if you know the size of an acute angle int he first quadrant. I look at a number of questions and show how they can try and trick us!
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