Measuring angles in degrees and radians
Circular functions
Mathematical Methods: Units 1 and 2
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Why do we need an angle system other than degrees? Why are there even other angle systems? What is a radian anyway? Why do we need radians? Where did the idea of having 360 degrees in a circle come from? All of these questions (and more) and answered in this video! This video looks at what a radian is and why would need it when we have degrees. I look at the unit circle and how we can use it to define what a radian is and then look at converting between radians and degrees. Passing through the idea of notation there are then a number of worked examples where we convert between degrees to radians and radians to degrees. There is also the usual MaffsGuru humour - which is generally not funny - but spends rather too long asking for people to subscribe. This is needy maths! Hope you enjoy it!
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