Index Laws 1 and 2
Indices and surds
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  RECAP of Past Learning
  Life is filled with rules and laws
  Index Law 1
  Rule 1 in English
  Index Laws and common mistakes
  Index Notation: Worked Examples
  Index Law 2
  Index Laws and Fractions
  Index Laws: An interesting example
  Index Laws: The zero power
  index Law 1: More Examples
  Index Law 2: More examples
  Index Laws: Combined examples
  Closing remarks

This video looks at Index Laws 1 and 2. I take time to show not only what the laws are, but how they are created. I think it's really important to ensure that you understand what you are doing! There are lots of worked examples which show you how to use Laws 1 and 2. Using a mix of humour and explanation I hope to ensure that the Mathematics taught in this topic is entertaining and helpful for all levels of students.
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