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Indices and surds
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap: BIDMAS
  Barry has been at it again
  Expanded Form
  What does Evaluate mean?
  Fractions and indices
  What can be done forwards can be done backwards!
  Doesn't matter how hard the example ...
  Product of primes and factor trees
  Finding the missing number
  Don't get tricked by negative numbers!
  End of video remarks

This video is an introduction to Index Notation and explains all the key terms and concepts which will be covered in later videos. I use lots of worked examples to ensure a complete understanding of the index notation including the base and index of a number. I look at how Barry tries to confuse us by using other words to describe indices such as Powers, Exponents and my own favourite - floaty numbers. Using a mix of humour and explanation I hope to ensure that the Mathematics taught in this topic is entertaining and helpful for all levels of students.

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