Quadratic equation (Extending)
Introduction to quadratic equations and graphs
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  What is a quadratic equation?
  What does a quadratic graph look like?
  Examples: Writing in standard form
  Examples: Testing for a solution
  Remembering the Null Factor Law
  Using the Null Factor Law
  Don't be tricked
  Final words

This is the first video in a new series looking at Quadratic Equations at a Year 9 level. We have, in previous lessons, looked at how we can factorise all the different forms of quadratic equations. This video, and series, looks at what it means to solve quadratic equations. I look at what a solution is at the same time as showing you what a quadratic graph looks like (and the important points!). I then talk about the Null Factor Law and how it is used to find the solutions to Quadratic Equations. There are lots of worked examples and I hope that I've explained the theory in an easy to understand way!
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