Solving simple quadratic equations
Introduction to quadratic equations and graphs
Essential Mathematics Year 9
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  Learning objectives
  Recap of past learning
  Why do we only want the points where it crossed the x-axis?
  Lots of forms of quadratic equations
  Solving ax^2-d=0
  Taking the square root gives us two values
  Example 1
  Example 2
  Example 3
  The return of DOPS
  Final words

This is the second video in the Year 9 Mathematics series looking at quadratic equations. I love quadratics and this video will give a sense of why. Solving simple quadratic equations is awesome. When you identify them as being of the form ax^2 -d=0, you know that you can factorise, use DOPS, the null factor law and then you have the crossing points on your x-axis, otherwise known as your solutions. OK. It's hard to explain in writing and so this video looks at a number of examples and uses to show you what a solutions is and how to find it for simple quadratic equations.
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